Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Wyoming Mail Forwarding Service

Bronze Level Wyoming Virtual Office

The most popular Wyoming virtual office choice is the bronze level Wyoming virtual office.  This level is strictly mail forwarding for your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation.  If you also need a Wyoming phone number or live phone answering then you can choose the silver or gold level Wyoming virtual office.  The bronze level along with all levels issues you a Cheyenne, Wyoming street address with a never been used suite number.  We are located one mile from the Wyoming Secretary of States office in the Cheyenne business district.  Don’t be fooled into getting a “professional” address in the middle of nowhere at a mail drop or some resort town disconnected from the world.


Your new Wyoming virtual office mail forwarding will be handled with strict professionalism.  The mail is delivered to our address with your suite number.  The mail is handled by the building office manager and the mail employee.  There is never any lost mail.  And you can be assured that we aren’t doing the mail on our kitchen table sipping down adult beverages like some of these pretenders out there.  Doing business with them will lead you straight down a bottomless pit, sort of a hole in the mountain type of situation.  Your mail is sorted, entered in to your online account and stored awaiting your mail out day in our secured office building.  Privacy is number one for us and so is security.  Your mail is kept locked in a mail storage area.  There are security cameras across the building.  Multiple mechanical and electronic locks keeps unwanted people out.  Your mail is simply covered with a forwarding label and dropped in the mail.  We gather all mail and put it all in one opaque manila envelope for your privacy.


The price for this level of Wyoming virtual office with mail forwarding is $29 a month.  You can get two months free by paying for one year at $295.  Postage for envelopes are included in the price.  There are no surprising postage charges in the future.  If you happen to get a box or package, it will be sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx.  You will only have to pay the shipping cost.  There are no handling fees on packages.